Our Technology

Relaxation Dental - Because There Is A Better Way

At Relaxation Dental we pride ourselves on having the most up-to date technology to service our patients.

We research and test out hundreds of options before we make a decision on what will best serve our patients needs. For example, when we researched different mill models we got samples from all the available options. There were mills that put out a fast crown but the quality was not there. Think Kia or Geo Metro to a Porche.

The technology of our crown mill is even BETTER than you can get from sending it off to a lab. Our patient's crowns function better, look better, & last longer than others. It's custom made for our patients by our in-house expert. Please take a look at all our state of the art technology.

Amann Girrbach Motion 2 Mill

Provides In-house restorations for faster service delivery of crowns, implant crowns, bridges and more.

Amann Girrbach Motion 2 Mill being used at Relaxation Dental

iTero 5D Intra-Oral Scanner

For Invisalign and restorative work to be done digitally with high accuracy.

iTero 5D Intra-Oral Scanner

iS i-CAT 3D X-Ray Scanner

To provide Dr with highest detail of treatment planning and the success of surgical procedures.

Diox Wireless Portable X-Ray

Allows us to provide highly accurate and fast xrays for daily procedural use.

Diox Wireless Portable X-Ray

STA ( Single Tooth Anesthesia)

Allows us to deliver anesthetic painlessly, also allowing Dr to start operating sooner instead of having to wait for the anesthetic to set in.

STATCLAVE autoclave by SciCan

Provides our practice safer sterill operations.

Benco Dental OptiSonic 3

Ultrasonic that allowes us to clean instruments and equipment.

Benco Dental OptiSonic