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You may not be aware that some of the following symptoms can indicate sleep-disordered breathing that can effect your child's development.

If you could naturally prevent some of the following conditions in your child, would you be interested in learning more? YES! Have you heard about Relaxation Dental’s Smart Start pre-orthodontic therapy and how it can change your child’s life? If not, we want to help educate you.

Does your child show any of the symptoms below?

child with bad and crooked teeth Has Crowded Teeth
child sleeping with mouth open ​Snoring
young child's feet ​Bed Wetting
women having trouble sleeping and grinding teeth Grinding or Clenching
child wearing glasses at school Difficulty Concentrating
young boy pointing finger in disappointment Antisocial Behaviours
small child sucking thumb Thumb Sucking
young child sick with thermometer in mouth ​Always Seems Sick
child sleeping with mouth open Noisy Breathing
child sleeping with mouth open Has Sleep Apnea
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