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Do you feel your child may need dental braces? What if there’s a way to correct their bite and straighten their teeth without braces?

The Myobrace® System is a pre-orthodontic treatment for children. It corrects habits that may cause misaligned teeth and prevent the need for orthodontic appliances. The process usually doesn’t involve tooth removal or braces as it encourages natural growth and development.

Children ages 3–15 are the ideal candidates, but every set of teeth is unique. Start with a consultation with your dentist in Salida, Colorado, to know which option is appropriate for your child’s situation.

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The Advantages of the Myobrace® System

Myobrace® treatment enables children to:

  • Rest the tongue in its proper resting position.
  • Practice proper nasal breathing.
  • Keep the lips closed except when eating or speaking.
  • Swallow correctly to aid digestion and boost nutrition.
  • Learn positive dietary habits, such as avoiding too much sugary and processed food.
  • Achieve proper jaw and facial development.
  • Avoid crooked teeth, help the teeth come in straight.
  • Improve general health due to eating better and sleeping better.

How does the Myobrace® System work?

Children can form habits that may impact their teeth and jaw development. Tongue-thrusting, thumb-sucking, or breathing through the nose or mouth may lead to crooked teeth and can also impact their overall health.

The Myobrace® System focuses on correcting these habits, which means the treatment can start before any of the permanent teeth erupt. You don’t have to wait until your child starts to grow adult teeth to begin the procedure. Doing so may harm your child’s oral health and overall development.

Myobrace® teaches children proper facial muscle habits to encourage teeth to come in straight. The treatment involves using a series of custom appliances for 1 hour daily or during sleep.

These appliances exert gentle pressure to widen the arch-form and promote correct teeth and jaw alignment. A child may use separate appliances depending on their age and diagnosis.

How long does the treatment take?

In general, the treatment takes 2–3 years to complete, provided there are no major health concerns that could interfere with the child’s progress. The treatment duration depends on a child’s compliance level. Their ability to change habits can also impact the course of the procedure.

Will my child still need braces after getting Myobrace® treatments?

Myobrace® promotes natural tooth and jaw development. It helps the mouth accommodate all the adult teeth and keeps them properly aligned. In some cases, braces may still be used at the end of the treatment. This depends on the results you want for your child. If you're after perfectly straight teeth, you may want to discuss getting braces with your orthodontist.

Isn’t my child too young for this treatment?

We understand you’re worried about having your child receive treatments early, but this is the perfect time to begin habit correction. The sooner the procedure starts, the higher the success level as well. Children are still growing, so they’re more likely to respond positively. Removing bad oral habits and promoting correct facial development and jaw growth is easier.

Is there a chance of the teeth misaligning again after the treatment?

Your orthodontist will track your child’s progress so their teeth will stay in the correct position. Maintaining regular dental visits is essential so your child can maximize the benefits of their treatments.

Does it hurt?

The procedure may cause a little bit of sensitivity, but this should go away after a few days. Overall, the system shouldn’t hurt. The appliances used are customized for a child’s mouth. They’re light and flexible, exerting only light force to retrain muscles and encourage nasal breathing.

The Myobrace® system seeks to provide children not only with a straight set of teeth but also a path to proper health and development. The makers have spent over 3 decades of significant research to develop an effective solution to address the underlying causes of misaligned teeth and poor jaw development.

We're pleased to offer the Myobrace® procedure at Relaxation Dental here in Salida, Colorado. We invite you to visit and learn more about how it can benefit your child. We’re happy to answer your questions and help your child maintain a healthy and confident smile.

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Orthodontic treatments, such as braces, can fix crooked, crowded, or protruding teeth. But relapse is always possible if underlying causes aren’t addressed.

Myobrace can help if your child is wearing braces, but there are still issues that need to be resolved, such as improper breathing. If you're in Salida, CO, and would like to know more about the Myobrace® system, contact us at (719) 539-3145.

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