a Dentist showing a young child how their dental instruments work

General Anesthesia For Children

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What is General Anesthesia?

General Anesthesia (GA)Β allows routine or complex dental treatment to be performed in an unconscious state. This is the method employed in hospital operating rooms. It begins with a gas that is inhaled through a mask, and then is augmented with medication delivered through an IV line. The IV can be placed after your child is comfortable, so it works well for all patients. We do everything we can to make sure your child has a comfortable visit. Most of our team has children of their own, so your child will be in good hands with someone who can relate to them in a way that they feel comfortable and safe.

General anesthesia is the most common form of sedation used for children needing a lot of dentistry done in one visit. It requires specialized equipment and is administered by an anesthesia specialist who, along with the anesthesia team of Registered Nurses will ensure a safe visit. There are special precautions to follow before the visit which will be reviewed with you in detail.

The goal of this visit is to get all the treatment your child needs completed and hopefully not to repeat the anesthesia, so it is important that after treatment we optimize oral hygiene and dietary precautions to reduce the risk of decay.

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