Do you believe there should be more health and care in healthcare?


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Healthcare is not about treating problems as they arise

We believe in determining the main causes and addressing how to best improve your health.

We provide dentistry with a whole-body approach. You spend a large part of your life making sure you get enough exercise, eat properly, keep up on your medical check-ups; your dental care is a huge part of that lifestyle.

Our team integrates weekly training, best practices, and proper procedure implementation to ensure you receive the care you deserve.

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To improve the lives of our patients, team members and our wonderful community.

One amazing experience, one opportunity for growth, one patient, and one selfless act of service at a time.

We believe the best IN each other | We want the best FOR each other | We expect the best FROM each other.


Dr. Brown's approach to dental care

"My goal is to offer the absolute best care to achieve optimal oral health. I want to help my patients be in control of their oral health. We achieve this together with education, excellent preventative care, a minimally invasive approach, and a huge focus on patient comfort. Should more advanced procedures be needed, I can save my patients time and money by not needing them to travel to or pay specialists higher fees. I am extensively educated, trained, and practiced in these areas.

If fear of pain is a factor holding you back, then I am your doc. I didn't like that I saw patients needing to go through so much more pain and suffering in dental care than in other healthcare fields. I hated that this often created a fear of and hesitancy in dental care. So, I sacrificed the time and money it took to become one of the very few dentists certified in oral and IV sedation procedures. This enables a stress-free, pain-free experience no matter how extensive (or not) your treatment plan is. I really am passionate about what I do and the amazing patients I have the privilege of caring  for."

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