Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening

The most popular cosmetic dental treatment in America is teeth whitening. At Relaxation Dental Specialties, we offer ZOOM! teeth whitening, as a way for patients to instantly reverse the effects of staining. ZOOM! Whitening is a safe and low-cost way to whiten smiles that have yellowed due to smoking, coffee, or other food or drink stains.

ZOOM! whitening is a fast acting in-office whitening system. In only an hour, you can transform your dull and yellowed teeth to beautiful pearly whites. Our in-office whitening system is safe, effective, and fast acting.

Unlike most of the other whitening systems, ZOOM is a light-activated whitening gel that was scientifically formulated with pH balanced Hydrogen Peroxide. When the Hydrogen Peroxide gel is activated by the ZOOM! Light, it gently removes deep stains and discoloration in the teeth. After your whitening treatment, you'll only need the occasional whitening treatment.