The Benefits Of Seeking Kybella® Treatments From A Dental Expert

April 10, 2019

Although KYBELLA® is a non-surgical cosmetic facial procedure, it is something that is now being offered by some dental experts. This is because KYBELLA® along with some other types of similar cosmetic procedures are beneficial in further enhancing a smile that has already been improved using cosmetic dentistry.

A gorgeous, attractive and healthy-looking smile is great. However, if you have other aspects of your face that are affecting your self-assurance, you still won't feel entirely happy with your appearance. When you combine the benefits of cosmetic dentistry with facial procedures such as KYBELLA, you can achieve a complete smile transformation that leaves you brimming with confidence. Even if you haven't had cosmetic dentistry or don't intend on making any changes to your smile, a dental expert truly understands the aesthetics of the lower half of your face and this makes them a great choice for fulfilling KYBELLA® treatment.

What is KYBELLA®?

KYBELLA® is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that can destroy the fat cells in the area beneath your chin, better referred to as a double chin. The active ingredient in KYBELLA® is synthetic deoxycholic acid. This is an artificial version of our own naturally-occurring deoxycholic acid which works by aiding the breakdown and absorption of fat. When this synthetic version is in injected into the fat cells beneath the chin it destroys them. They are then processed out of the body through the usual elimination channels. However, once the cells have been destroyed, they can no longer store fat. This enables patients to enjoy a permanent improvement in their appearance.

What happens during a KYBELLA® procedure?

KYBELLA® is an injectable treatment that only takes around 20 minutes and can easily be performed during a lunch break. A topical anesthetic may be applied to the skin under your chin if necessary. Then multiple small injections of the KYBELLA® solution will be placed into the fat under your chin. You will be able to return to your usual daily routine immediately. You may experience some numbness, swelling or slight bruising that will improve within a few days.

Exactly how many KYBELLA® treatments needed will vary between patients and will depend on your initial chin profile and the improvement you wish to make. Please note that each KYBELLA® session is spaced at least a month apart and patients should not receive more than 6 treatments.

How can KYBELLA® improve my appearance?

KYBELLA® is extremely popular as it is the only non-invasive treatment option that can eliminate a double chin. Excess fat that can develop in this area often has a very detrimental effect on the way that a patient feels about their face and overall appearance. When you have stubborn pockets of fat beneath the chin, the skin along with the fat can sag, causing your face to look chubby and larger than it really is. It can also cause patients to look much older than they really are. When you choose KYBELLA, you can address the fat beneath your chin, leading to a greater definition in the jaw and a younger, more attractive appearance, particularly when looking at your face in profile.

If you are interested in finding out more about KYBELLA, or if you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss your candidacy for this transformative procedure, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable dental experts.