Sedation Dentistry In Breckenridge

Monday 23rd May 2016

How many people avoid going to the dentist for a plethora of reasons? Petrifying fear of the dentist, strong gag reflex, and traumatic experiences from the past are just some of the many motives that keeping you away. Luckily, there is a solution for most of them called sedation dentistry.

No More Anxiety

The very idea of going to the dentist creates anxiety in a significant number of people. Fear of pain, inability to get completely numb, or embarrassment about the state of your teeth can all cause such high levels of stress that you would rather deal with the ongoing problems than go in for proper treatment.

Sedation dentistry the tool that will help remove that anxiety, and help you get your procedures done while in a relaxed and comfortable state of mind. Considered by many as the best thing that happened to dentistry in the past ten years, sedation dentistry uses various medications to help you relax while undergoing a dental proceduer.

Conscious but Relaxed

Sedation dentistry has two main forms, enteral and parenteral. Enteral is usually administered orally, while parenteral gets injected directly into the blood stream. While some people refer to sedation dentistry as sleep dentistry that title is misleading, as neither of the two will put you completely to sleep.

Some of the reasoning behind that is that if you are relaxed but conscious it makes the procedure far simpler for the dentist. It also means that you will recover more quickly, and there is no need for an anesthesiologist, or the additional cost that comes with one.

So if you are someone who fears the dentist's office, ask about sedation dentistry. What used to be a cause of stress might just turn out to be nowhere near as unpleasant as your imagination has made it.