How Botox Can Help Relieve Chronic Migraines

Monday 23rd May 2016

Once you have decided that Botox treatment might be the right solution for your chronic migraines, the next step is to set up a consultation with your dentist so that they can assess your current situation and decide whether a series of dental Botox treatments is the best alternative.

Is Botox Right for You?

Botox is not a one size fits all treatment but is often a good alternative if you have not been having a lot of success with other migraine treatments such as prescription pain relievers. Most insurance providers want you to have tried an alternative treatment before approving Botox as the next step. Dental Botox treatment is only approved by the FDA for people who suffer from chronic migraines, but once diagnosed, your dentist will discuss with you the best form of Botox treatment to relieve your symptoms.

How Dental Botox Works

The treatment consists of over 30 injections applied to seven key areas of your face and neck. With a skilled and experienced dentist, the procedure will last under 20 minutes, and you should barely feel any discomfort during the whole process.

Each patient is different and in most case it requires more than one treatment. On average, most patients need it at least three times, usually spaced around three months apart, to allow the treatment to become fully effective. Even though the process does take time to take full effect, you will usually be able to start feeling some relief within two weeks of the first application. It is impossible to predict how many treatments it will take at the start but your dentist will assess your progress and advise you on the need for another treatment based on your progress.

If you are considering this option, there is no time like the present to finally take the plunge. You can end up with much better quality of life and also enjoy less wrinkles. After all, not many treatments can boast such desirable additional be