Giving Free Dentistry To Veterans

November 28, 2018

Good health starts at the mouth and the importance of oral hygiene cannot be understated. For this reason, the entire RDS team was delighted to be able to help our country's veterans and active military personnel improve their overall health with free dentistry.

On November 10th, 2018, the day before Veteran's Day, 10 staff members from the RDS Breckenridge and Salida locations joined forces in Salida to provide an entire day's worth of free dental work to the people who have served our country, including cleanings, x-rays, exams, oral cancer screenings, crowns, root canals and more. At the end of a ten hour day, the team had provided nearly $20,000 in free services.

“It was a very busy day for us!” Said Dr. Brown, the owner and founder of RDS. “We had veterans and active US military members coming from all over Colorado state and we were able to make some serious contributions to these people's long-term dental health. As a dentist, there's no greater feeling than improving the quality of someone's life, and that's exactly what we were able to do today.”

Also helping with the event was Dr. Hansen, who practices at the RDS Breckenridge location and whose father served in the Navy Dental Corps during the Vietnam War. “This event was a very powerful experience for everyone involved. Many of the people we helped hadn't been to a dentist in several years, which can create health problems that extend far beyond the mouth. We were able to clean everyone's teeth who came in and provided several advanced procedures like root canals and extractions as well.”

The positive energy in the Salida RDS practice that day was contagious. Dr. Brown concluded the day with his employees by thanking them for spending their Saturday working for a cause that meant so much to him and Dr. Hansen. “A patient today couldn't believe that we were doing this event and asked me what we were getting out of it. I told him that both Dr. Hansen's and my father served in the military and that we truly just want to help the people who have served our country. We both teared up and gave each other a big hug. Helping people is what today was all about and I'm proud to have a staff that was on board with this event as much as we were.”

RDS will be holding Smiles for Freedom again next year. Veterans and active US military who were unable to get a spot at this year's event are encouraged to sign up next year or to take advantage of RDS' 10% military discount at any time.