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Monday 23rd May 2016

Whenever you turn on your television, you are greeted with row after row of perfect white teeth. Whether it is your favorite show, weather forecast, or even a sporting event, there they are, making you wish that you could get your own teeth just a shade or two closer to theirs. Luckily, thanks to teeth whitening, there is no need to simply wish anymore.

Safe and Popular

When it comes to cosmetic dental procedures, whitening your teeth is by far the most popular and commonplace. There are a wide variety of options available which can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and almost any budget. Even better, the procedure is considered one of the safest dental procedures available and the icing on the cake is that the process is usually entirely painless although it can be a bit uncomfortable at first.

Tooth whitening procedures do not usually not take longer than an hour, which means that you can even schedule one over your lunch break and return to the office with a smile that will make your colleagues jealous.

Zoom into White

Zoom! Whitening is a portable system that can even come to your place of work and uses a strong bleaching agent to exfoliate stains that accumulate inside your teeth in order to bring them back to their natural color. This procedure has been proven to whiten teeth up to four shades, without any risk of damage to your tooth enamel.

Unlike other whitening products which can harm your teeth and gums, Phillips Zoom! with Relief ACP, has been shown to give you greater luster and protects your enamel while delivering maximum results.

We all know that your smile is one of the first things most people notice about you, because that is what you notice on them. Make sure you take care of yours. Call your dentist and impress everyone you meet with the brilliance of your smile.