Emergency And Walk-In Dental Services


When people think of an emergency, they tend to think of something urgent medical assistance from a doctor. The fact is that there are just as many critical dental scenarios requiring professional care.

Unfortunately, the very nature of an emergency means that it is nearly always impossible to tell when one will occur. Chances are, when it does, it won't be at a very convenient time. Going to the emergency room may be your first thought, but most medical emergency rooms are not equipped to deal with urgent dental problems. From having the wrong tools for the job to staff who don't understand the best way to handle anything from a knocked-out tooth to a severe dental infection, a medical ER is not the ideal place to visit when a dental-based disaster occurs.

Fortunately, many practices including our own office locations in Breckenridge and Salida are now offering all of the help and support you need in the event of a dental emergency.


What constitutes a dental emergency?

When something painful or worrying happens, it isn't always easy to think straight. This can lead to people seeking emergency help when they don't need it, or in some concerning instances, people not getting urgent dental care when they do. To help you determine whether you need to be seen immediately, here are some of the most common types of dental emergency that we routinely see here at our practice.

  • Broken teeth

  • Lost filling or crown

  • A broken dental appliance such as a denture

  • Gum abscesses pulpal abscesses

  • Infected teeth or gums

  • Impacted teeth that are causing problems and pain

  • Prolific bleeding from the mouth

  • Knocked-out teeth

  • Jaw fractures

  • Extreme dental pain

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, you may need to be seen by a dental professional immediately. Call our practice or take advantage of our walk-in service to obtain expert advice and support.


What types of emergency treatment can be offered?

It is important to understand that emergency dental treatments rarely provide a permanent fix. Their aim to resolve the issue enough so that you can manage well until a regular, non-emergency appointment is available. For this reason, many of the solutions given are only temporary and you will be expected to follow up on the appointment to complete your care. Some of the services that can be provided by our emergency dentists include the following:

  • Temporary restorations including cavity fillings and crowns

  • Antibiotics to start treating an infection

  • Replacing a knocked-out tooth if possible

  • Stemming blood flow and sealing any wounds

  • Offering prescription pain relief

  • Emergency root canal therapy

  • Temporary replacement of a dental device

Our experienced and professional team know just how frightening and debilitating a dental emergency can be and will be able to put you at rest while ensuring that you get the relief and top-quality care that you deserve.

Breckenridge: 970-453-4244

Salida: 719-539-3145

As a dentist in the tourist town of Breckenridge, we make sure to be available for emergency patients. Often times, people visiting Breckenridge or Summit County will have a dental issue arise that puts a major damper on their vacation. We know how painful and upsetting a dental emergency can be, and we are here to help! Whether you just need a quick doctor exam or more involved treatment like a filling or root canal, we are often able to see patients on short notice. If you have questions about insurance or financing dental care, our Financial Coordinators are happy to help! Tory Thomas is our Financial Coordinator in Breckenridge, you can reach her by email at [email protected] or by calling our Breckenridge practice at 970-453-4244. Koni Daws is our Financial Coordinator in Salida, you can reach her by email at [email protected] or by calling our Salida practice at 719-539-3145