Dental Sealants Treatment & Its Benefits

Monday 23rd May 2016

While convincing an adult to go and see a dentist can be challenging sometimes, convincing a child or a teenager takes it to a whole new level. Almost every parent has been faced with the prospect of finding ways to convince their loved ones (not just children), by using invented stories and possibly offering bribes, to hopefully get them into the dentist's office without a scene. Sealants are here to make sure the number of those trips is brought down to a minimum.

Create a Preventive Layer

Dental sealants are a treatment meant to prevent cavities. It is a thin coating made of plastic which is applied on the chewing surface of the teeth, usually on the premolars and molars. It bonds with the grooves of the teeth, and protects from cavities by blocking germs and food particles from getting stuck in the nooks and crannies of your teeth.

In essence it seals them out, hence the name. Several studies have proven that professionally applied sealant by your dentist can be up to a hundred percent effective in protecting surface of your teeth from cavities.


Permanent molars are most likely to benefit from sealants, making children and teenagers the best candidates for them. The first molars usually grow around age six, while second molars appear at around twelve years old. The most efficient approach is to apply the sealant as soon as possible after teeth have pushed through, thereby not giving them a chance to decay. They will last for up to 10 years, so only one visit should be enough.

If you want to make sure the teeth of your children stay as healthy as possible, make sure to call your dentist and schedule an appointment. In the long run both your child and your nerves will benefit from it.