Dental Crowns - An Artificial Restoration

Monday 23rd May 2016

If you have a broken tooth, one or more worn down due to grinding or have only a little of one left after decay or an accident, having it removed is not your only option. In most cases there are other ways to fix the situation, and a dental crown is the king of them.

Dental Crowns are Different

dental crown is an artificial restoration that is placed over a remainder of an affected tooth in order to cover it and restore its size, shape, strength, and appearance. Its applications are very versatile, as it can be used in a wide variety of dental procedures.

It is often used when a weak tooth needs protection from breaking or cracking or to cover and support a tooth when there is not enough left after a filling. Broken teeth or a tooth that has been significantly worn down can be restored with a crown. They can also cover a dental implant or be used to hold a bridge in place, cover discolored teeth, or make cosmetic modifications.

Do They Last?

Crowns can last on average from five to fifteen years, and in some cases even longer. The length of time rests almost entirely on your shoulders. The better your dental hygiene as well as your eating habits and any personal or stress issues, such as grinding your teeth while you sleep, will either increase or reduce the length of time until it is time for the crown to be replaced.

If you feel that have a tooth that is close to breaking, worn down, or completely discolored, call your dentist now. It is better to get a crown done straight away, as it is less painful and more proactive to at least save a part of your tooth now, than have to take it out completely later on.