All About Dentox - Therapeutic Botox

Monday 23rd May 2016

We all know what Botox is. Some of us have used it while most of us have been tempted to at some point. Who does not want their skin tightened or their wrinkles smoothed? Well, Botox now has an additional, therapeutic use, making us like it even more.

Therapeutic Botox

Therapeutic Botox, also referred to as Dentox, is used by the dentist to relax your jaw. This will start to eradicate many minor but potentially harmful issues suffered by millions of people. Unlike the regular use of Botox which is almost exclusively cosmetic, Dentox has a significant therapeutic effect.

How Does it Help?

When applied by your dentist into the area around your jaw, Botox can have significant benefits. It can reduce damage to your teeth, gums and jaw by relaxing specific muscles. If you have a tendency to clench your teeth, Dentox can reduce the intensity and the number of occurrences.

It also can help by reducing or even eliminating tension headaches, and by relaxing your upper lip reduce the so called “gummy smile”, this helps ease your face and reduces any discomfort or pain in your teeth.

TMJ and Dentox

If you are suffering from the Temporomandibular Disorder, commonly known as TMJ, you can also benefit from Dentox. The Botox protein has been found to help relieve some of the discomfort and pain for people suffering from this condition. In some cases, after prolonged use for 3 to 5 years, the pain and discomfort from TMJ can disappear permanently.

Dentists have been using Botox for therapeutic purposes for a while now, expanding the use of the popular protein. If your jaw could use some relief, make sure to call your dentist and make an appointment. Who knows, maybe a few lines on your face will be smoothed in the process.

Call or email your Summit Style Dental office today and ask about therapeutic Dentox.