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This was a very complex restoration for Bob. He required several extractions as multiple teeth could not be saved. 

We restored his smile with 4 implants, one all ceramic bridge, and multiple all ceramic crowns.

The lower front teeth are originals.

89 years young and now some new teeth to improve that beautiful smile.

Sonia suffered TMJ pain her entire life.

Her regular dentist did not know how to help her.

She was referred to an orthodontists who provided mouth guards that did not help her at all.

She tried at least 3 - 4 mouthguards and splints but nothing helped.

She was then referred to Calgary to have an oral surgeon do jaw surgery on her.

The jaw surgery did not work either and she continued to live with chronic jaw pain.

In our office a thorough examination process pointed to a diagnosis of a temporal mandibular joint disorder.

Therapy was aimed at stabilizing the overactive facial and jaw muscles, properly positioning both jaw joints, and then rebuilding the worn teeth to support everything.

The results can be dramatic.