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Do you believe there should be more health and care in healthcare?


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Healthcare is not about treating problems as they arise

We believe in determining the main causes and addressing how to best improve your health.

We provide dentistry with a whole-body approach. You spend a large part of your life making sure you get enough exercise, eat properly, keep up on your medical check-ups; your dental care is a huge part of that lifestyle.

Our team integrates weekly training, best practices, and proper procedure implementation to ensure you receive the care you deserve.

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To improve the lives of our patients, team members and our wonderful community.

One amazing experience, one opportunity for growth, one patient, and one selfless act of service at a time.

We believe the best IN each other | We want the best FOR each other | We expect the best FROM each other.


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Dr. Brown's approach to dental care

"My goal is to offer the absolute best care to achieve optimal oral health. I want to help my patients be in control of their oral health. We achieve this together with education, excellent preventative care, a minimally invasive approach, and a huge focus on patient comfort. Should more advanced procedures be needed, I can save my patients time and money by not needing them to travel to or pay specialists higher fees. I am extensively educated, trained, and practiced in these areas.

If fear of pain is a factor holding you back, then I am your doc. I didn't like that I saw patients needing to go through so much more pain and suffering in dental care than in other healthcare fields. I hated that this often created a fear of and hesitancy in dental care. So, I sacrificed the time and money it took to become one of the very few dentists certified in oral and IV sedation procedures. This enables a stress-free, pain-free experience no matter how extensive (or not) your treatment plan is. I really am passionate about what I do and the amazing patients I have the privilege of caring for."

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If you could naturally prevent some of the following conditions in your child, would you be interested in learning more? YES! Have you heard about Relaxation Dental’s Smart Start pre-orthodontic therapy and how it can change your child’s life? If not, we want to help educate you.

Does your child show any of the symptoms below?

child with bad and crooked teeth Has Crowded Teeth
child sleeping with mouth open ​Snoring
young child's feet ​Bed Wetting
women having trouble sleeping and grinding teeth Grinding or Clenching
child wearing glasses at school Difficulty Concentrating
young boy pointing finger in disappointment Antisocial Behaviours
small child sucking thumb Thumb Sucking
young child sick with thermometer in mouth ​Always Seems Sick
child sleeping with mouth open Noisy Breathing
child sleeping with mouth open Has Sleep Apnea
If so…We believe there is a better way, with less braces and better faces! Click Here to Take Our Online Symptom Survey

A Better Kind Of Dentistry



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Today was my first visit to a dentist in 13 years and the entire staff was so welcoming! Absolute professionals and very comfortable environment. I received top notch care, and everything was explained to me in detail, so I felt very comfortable with the plan for my oral health.


The visit using sedation was so relaxing and almost fun! I felt loved and well taken care of which was very important to me! I’m a dental coward from way back. I recommend Relaxation Dental if fear or anxiety stand in the way of your best smile!


The staff has always been very helpful and upfront with me when dealing with my case. I am very appreciative of their efforts and support throughout my process.


I am treated with respect & kindness. I so appreciate the entire staff & Dr. Brown.


I just want to express my sincere appreciation for the consideration shown to me by Dr. Brown and your office yesterday. I had off the chart anxiety to just walk in the door, struggling with severe PTSD, and had been dreading the appointment for weeks...


Nice place, nice people, good dentist! Very very nice!!!


I first met Dr. Brown and staff when I had a dental emergency over a year ago. They got me in quickly and I was surprised by how kind and informative everyone was. They still impress me with their genuine caring attitude! I was in yesterday for a cleaning and felt so welcome. I have never looked forward to going to the dentist before!


Super sweet and understanding people, helped me figure out what I need to do to fix me teeth more than any dentist ever has.


Dr. Brown and his staff at relaxation dental are true pros. I needed to get in because I had waited too long and was in a considerable amount of pain. They made room for me and took care of the problem immediately. Dr. Brown is awesome with pain management and control, he is efficient and having had the great experience I had there, I won't be going anywhere else. Thank you, Relaxation Dental staff.


This was my first time at this establishment, and I got to say I’ve never been in a dental office that had such a sweet and caring staff, very polite and they took care of me (raises for all of them!). Dr. Brown is awesome, very kind gentleman and as weird as it sounds, I can’t wait to come back to the dentist! Thank you to everyone at Relaxation Dental!


For most of my adult life, I've avoided dentists and regular dental care due to trauma from childhood experiences. 10/10 will recommend Relaxation Dental. The level of professionalism and compassion is remarkable! To all the beautiful staff, you have my gratitude, and I'm looking forward to future visits, instead of fearing them. Thank you all!


Nice people, nice clean office, Dr. Brown's personality, and way of thinking fits in well with mine. Never enjoyed a visit to a dentist before, but this one was the exception to the rule. Glad I came to Relaxation Dental!


I have only had top notch care since I began seeing Dr. Brown and his team. I have a history of being a nervous patient (had a bad experience many years ago) and am beyond thrilled with their state-of-the-art equipment, excellent methodology and customer service. I would recommend Relaxation Dental to anyone seeking superior dental care. I even saved money with bundling my appointments (saved $600 right off the bat).


Love this office! Office staff is always super helpful, and Dr Brown is one of the best dentists I’ve ever had. So happy we have this as an option in Salida!


This office was wonderful. I hadn't been to the dentist in many years and was nervous. They were welcoming, have state of the art equipment, are professional and create a positive atmosphere from the second you walk in the door.


As you know online reviews are extremely important to all businesses. Reviews help others in the area make an educated decision about their dental options and we believe in that type of transparency.

Feel free to click a link below and read some of our amazing reviews OR...write one yourself! We would be much appreciative.

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I just want to express my sincere appreciation for the consideration shown to me by Dr. Brown and your office yesterday. I had off the chart anxiety to just walk in the door, struggling with severe PTSD, and had been dreading the appointment for weeks. I did not need headphones or a weighted blanket, just an efficient dental cleaning as fast as possible, with minimal human interaction, so I could focus on staying calm. Dr. Brown and staff provided that for me, along with a premed that was very helpful. I am beyond grateful for Relaxation Dental's genuine understanding and wonderful accommodation for an experience that can be incredibly difficult and triggering for me...and my teeth look clean and beautiful now!



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Your teeth and gums are healthy. Now what? We will help you develop an ongoing strategy for keeping your teeth in optimal condition. Regular check-ups, routine dental hygiene appointments and periodic radiographs will help ensure everything stays healthy. And if any problems should arise, they will be caught as early as possible.


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Like everything else, sometimes, things go wrong. Teeth chip, break and wear. They have even been known to develop decay. Fortunately, with the options available to dentistry today - high strength fillings, state of the art ceramics, pain-free root canal treatments - we are able to find the right solution for your teeth that balances conservativeness, longevity and aesthetics.


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Sometimes, the teeth are so badly broken down that the mouth no longer works the way it was meant to work. The machine is broken. A mouth free of pain and a life free of headaches become a distant memory. In these circumstances, our only option is to rebuild your mouth as nature intended it. Whether we ultimately use dental implants, bridges or dentures, we will find a solution for you.


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A healthy mouth is a beautiful thing, but it isn't always beautiful. Healthy teeth can be dark, crooked, crowded or asymmetric, and even though none of those conditions are diseases, they can nevertheless be debilitating. With the judicious use of whitening, orthodontics and conservative ceramic veneers, we can give you the smile that you've never had.

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